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GHOST FLIGHT MH 370 --- Schlo▀macher versus SCH─TZING !!



FRANK SCHÄTZING (bestseller author) wrote what I think is a very good article about the notorious "GHOST FLIGHT MH 370". But mainly have a different opinion here:

Suicide theory:
Quote: "The pilot cut off all communication, was - there are indeed indications of that! - briefly climbed to over 13,000 meters to disable passengers + crew, then back up sank low altitude and flew out to sea to commit suicide. All well and good, but he could have done that in the China Sea right at the start." Unquote.



 So "Would have, would have, bicycle chain". And this difficult, sensitive topic cannot be dismissed with just one sentence!
Guess it's not that easy for anyone to die by suicide. And here, too, there is often a big gap between planning theory and the will to survive. That means: maybe he was still in a decision-making crisis at the beginning of the China Sea? Maybe he had to think everything over carefully before he decided to quit for good?
And if not that, he may have been trying very hard to hide his suicide from the world and especially his family as much as possible. And he did it very well with his back and forth flight! We can no longer find anything of the flying machine and his family can claim without contradiction:


                                      "That the pilot + father Zaharie Ahmad Shah could have committed suicide is nonsense."


They can say that forever because there is no clear evidence of what happened. This was probably also clear to the pilot that his attested psychological failures of the last time quickly led public opinion to suspect suicide. And he put a solid stop to that, too. Probably not least so that he can continue to appear as a nice, caring family man with his wife and children and not as a psychological wreck ...


 And there's something else:
instead of consciously falling to his death with the flying machine, he may have decided on one a gentler way, opted for the fuel-lost-eventually-method. . . and perhaps that's why he flew back and forth for so long?




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