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We can never become the image of God,but a demigod!! //Part-2

What we humans would have to achieve in order to exist as demigods:

1) Overcome death
At least achieving potential immortality would have to be biologically and technically feasible. With a correspondingly long or large investment of time, people and resources.

2) Accumulate total knowledge
Today we already have immense knowledge. Are perhaps only years, at most decades away from the world formula. At some point we have all the cards - at least the trumps - of nature in front of us. Everyone recognizes what is happening where and why in creation. We then know what is natural and what is not, and this is simply divine. (By the way: Special soups, which are still being diligently stirred in many places out of ignorance and half-knowledge, can of course no longer be served. ;-) )

3) Also explore and inhabit foreign planetary systems
The third point is by far the hardest chunk . We have to bake very small rolls and can be happy if organic people reach the nearest neighboring sun (4.1 light years away) in the foreseeable future. Only with the appearance of the extremely robust artificial body people - the potentially immortals - and the production of considerably faster spaceships would the space radius be considerably expanded. But even then, the earthly intelligences here cannot achieve much more than a touch of divinity.

 4) Some areas of astronomy are very important and must be promoted accordingly in order to clarify to what extent man is "king" in the cosmos, so to speak:

- Are we the only intelligence in the area of ​​our neighboring suns?

- The only one in this cosmic region?

- In this Milky Way spiral alarm?

- Or in our entire galaxy?

- Or even the only bearers of consciousness in the entire universe?

Our status in space depends on the (approximately) correct answer to these questions! Are we - which I consider almost unbelievable - alone in the cosmos; Primus or 'last' inter pares? Or are we just average in the circle of numerous aliens? At least we should know something about it. .

Radio telescopes have not picked up signals from our neighboring planetary systems. One might conclude that we are the only significant technical civilization in at least this cosmic sector. If people really want to, then far and wide no other creature can hold a candle to them.

So if Homo sapiens fully exploits his positive possibilities, he becomes a demigod and can soon forget his animal origins...

--------------------------------------- -------------------- (c) 2000 by Harry Schloßmacher


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