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                                                                        " SUBPOPULATION--PART-1 "

Somewhere and at some point in a large state that was bursting at the seams due to sheer overpopulation...
First of all only female sex androids came onto the market and found rapid sales among the male population. These always good-looking erotic robots had all love positions and sex practices programmed in - were very willing, open-minded and self-initiated as well as insatiable. But could also offer the initial resistance (both verbally and physically) on command, which in turn was desired by others. In any case, the "lords of creation" experienced feelings of happiness with them, which they never, ever achieved with prudish, uptight, disinterested "bios" (= biological people). There were also no more annoying "red phases".

Over time, many had acquired a whole group of female sex robots, with whom they then also experienced "threesomes", "foursomes", etc. Also, every man could now pursue his same-sex ambitions without hesitation, without having to come out and possibly experience social disadvantages as a result. In the case of his cybernetic playmates or artificial sex slaves, the man did not have to run the risk of them selling him a child, putting on horns or refusing him - so far often done for flimsy reasons or even just on a whim.
Deep down and in all honesty, almost every man needs a sex slave who is his full slave. The eminent natural needs of hunger and thirst also had to be satisfied every day - there was no long clamor, as is often the case when a man's desire for love is caused by his partner's unwillingness. In particular, when the formerly passionate lover became more and more a caring mother ...

Artificial bodies also know no pain or feelings of disgust - inhibitions against what are often called perversions and "mental damage" as well as any moral reservations are also completely foreign to cybernetic ones! In this way, the entire sex spectrum could be served safely with them... At the same time - due to the rapid concentration on the artificial love servants - the population fell, which pleased the leadership of the state. All other means and events had so far failed. Tradition and religion prevented effective birth control and there was no prospect of an increase in the standard of living, which would also help here.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 04/04/2023.


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