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(Note: The original story was significantly shortened and revised for e-stories.de)
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                                                                 FIGHT AGAINST THE STRONG ELECTRONIC COMPETITION

 Female servants of the horizontal trade and more and more other women were not at all enthusiastic about this development: some feared for their jobs and others for their love and life partners. To the dismay of the concerned male owners of the Lustrobots and the government, more and more cybernetic sex slaves were being destroyed by the enraged women.
Rising population figures forced the state leadership to come up with a new idea: They called on the relevant industry and economy to now also produce and sell male sex humanoids. After initial hesitation, more and more women enthusiastically used these versatile devices.

The biological love servants were now on their own in their fight against the strong electronic competition. They threatened their manufacturers and when they didn't respond, they systematically set the robot factories on fire. It took years for the state and the economy to get these uprisings back under control. Private security forces such as security guards and the police ended the "whore spook". The latter finally gave up and the oldest trade in the world was no longer in demand in this country ...

 What was initially seen as a population-political liberation turned out to be a "fluke" at some point: The population fell so dramatically that now the opposite - an underpopulation threatened ! Purely biological lovers became the exception, biological-mechanical pairings the rule - especially since now male sex-humanoids in all variants flooded the market and made many women happy. Once again the government had to act and take countermeasures. To ban those "devil things" again would have been obvious. However, the state did not have the means to control it comprehensively and consistently and to systematically destroy the robots. After all, there were still many 100 million inhabitants of what used to be over a billion and meanwhile there were even several 100 million sex-humanoids of both sexes!

In addition, there were also many good developments due to the latter:

- The formerly rampant, highly contagious and deadly lust epidemic with an extremely varied killer virus - against which AIDS worked like a flu infection - thank God hardly stood a chance

- rape and child molestation was almost non-existent more

- And even the (male-dominated) violent crimes of all kinds were on the decline: A person with a regular sex life - someone who is thoroughly satisfied - is (as the name suggests) much less aggressive...


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