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Free will has its pitfalls - in heaven as on earth ...PART--1



 VERSION A - More (tips ? ) for believers

An omniscient Creator God also knows that the "principle of free will" is duly ambivalent.
He knows the course of Bible history in good time: that at least part of his creatures, the people, will pluck the fruit from the "tree of knowledge" in paradise - people thus succumbing to original sin - mankind will have to atone for this inadequately for all generations - suffering is only now coming into the world - I also have to sacrifice my only-begotten son and he finally dies brutally for many others - in order to save what can be saved. Nevertheless, the concept of free will for individuals was not rejected by the "all knowing one", although it is a violent contradiction to the "all goodness" if he knowingly lets his creatures run into hell destruction. And this will or must have important reasons.

And in heaven, a kind of uniform (program) mush would be prepared much faster than satisfying the many tastes of loud, self-sufficient individuals:
One person's joy is often another's sorrow - to put it bluntly. What is interesting and entertaining for one person can be extremely boring for another. It's all a matter of taste. Or, to put it with a nonsense saying that clearly caricatures this problem: "Two people - three opinions..." But then I can't specify a generally valid, uniform program there, but have to provide satisfaction scenarios for every taste. And this for all future ! ! !  (In other words, for an infinite number of years. The roughly 14 billion years that our universe has existed would be just time-peanuts).
In order to possibly satisfy quadrillion individualists (all "heavenly accepted" deceased of an unmanageable MULTIverse) there, thousands of offers / campaigns / events would be necessary. Otherwise the many inhabitants of heaven would sooner rather emigrate to purgatory or hell out of sheer boredom. "At least all hell would break loose," as the saying goes. Because the worst while is known to be boredom. Here on earth idleness is the beginning of even all vices...

If a paradise offers you everything (and that would be thousands of possibilities/alternatives/events/etc.), then as a beneficiary I have to know exactly what I want. Otherwise I'll just be overwhelmed by the huge range of offers and logically can't decide on anything (anymore) without will. A good, strong will would be indispensable, especially in a complex, multi-layered, varied hereafter Eden. Because it helps to defy eternal boredom with strongly changing individual events or interesting and entertaining ego trips. This is addressed to all those who think that the will there would be (completely) superfluous.
In order to better recognize what is going on, let's just spin the thread further and actually introduce ourselves: Everyone is just a willless consumer of an incessantly divinely prescribed "program". I have a certain, constant environment there...for example beautiful, very bright lights (à la often described near-death experiences - where some "species" already think they see heaven on earth in them and apparently also in the afterlife with a " Eternal Light" would be content... )
...and in the breaks there are songs of praise. But then all heavenly dwellers would have to be receptive to it, and (in the long run! ! ) find it pretty stupid and great. But it presupposes the opposite of individuality - a taste equalization of all. And I can only achieve this by total cloning (or something similar). If the actors there had to constantly see very bright light, even though they don't give a damn, or sing a lot, although they can't and don't want to, then the hereafter would no longer be paradise. Who wants to be "happy" with things that don't interest them at all and that too forever!?!


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