Harry Schlo▀macher

- A damn racy woman ! PART--2



...Irresistibly and temptingly sweet, you look at me several times. Irresistibly and temptingly sweet until all I can think about is you. Sympathy leaves traces - yes, I like you very much. Sympathy leaves clear traces and looks also glide over body contours ... ...

That night Alex and Bea sat together again on the train. Not opposite. Armrest up, side by side. The beauty and the wannabe writer. They kissed tenderly, long. They didn't care that they had some observers. ...
Tenderness, yes tenderness - not only the soul awakens. Tenderness ... tenderness - in your eyes already the ecstasy of the night.

They were already a bit trained:
before that they were standing in the middle of a large crowd on their platform at Cologne Central Station. Couldn't hold back their pent-up feelings for each other any longer. Didn't want it anymore either. Kissed wildly in front of the stunned crowd.
The only thing that was strange was Bea's reticence in the CINEDOM cinema center. There, watching a stimulating love story, they sat in the semidarkness, just holding hands.

The train ride couldn't be long enough. They were glad to have found each other through coincidences of the morning. Being newly in love is a wonderful thing, no matter where.
...Bea had postponed her Christmas shopping during the day and Alex decided not to go to the party. First they satisfied their hunger in the large restaurant ALT-KÖLN - near the main station-Domplatte.
The weather was favorable, allowing distant views. They had a great view of Cologne from the TV tower COLONIUS (Cologne-Ehrenfeld) in the café - all around in one hour. Walk a few minutes, then they sat in the handsome, spacious and multi-storey BAZAR DE COLOGNE (also Cologne-Ehrenfeld). Above. Pretty much in the middle. To see and be seen. Chatted over a hot cappuccino.
 Later Bea was so happy about the beautiful day and her counterpart that she spontaneously ran into a shop and gave Alex a small present. He, the unknown author, wanted to draw level with a short story one day.

(will be continued...)




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