Mauro Montacchiesi


  1. A treasure chest of memories,

    is where I keep

    my numbed emotional illusions.

    I do not take for granted

    that with the graying of hair

    every burning fire goes out.

    And here I am,

    at this age,

    I still can't find a reason,

    in vain, I try to understand

    in what sea the illusions of my soul have drowned.

    My illusions,

    they find a brief stillness,

    up there,

    among the first faint glimmers of dawn,

    where the stars fade,

    and then slowly subside,

    where the dew gushes

    and then settles on a rose petal.

    The breeze blows silently,

    a plane takes off,

    the sun prepares for its daily work.

    The air is diaphanous with streaks of pink

    and little sparks.

    It is the new day that yawns.

    I long for Love,

    a sudden love

    that shakes my heart.

    Time passes slowly and quickly,


    and if not now, when?

    I do not want once again to surround

    my emotional illusions

    with the levees of the pain-killing casket of oblivion.

    Loose, snappy,

    I want my unrestrained delusions to soar

    in the sighs of a gentle breeze of Love.






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mauro Montacchiesi.
Published on on 04/12/2023.


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