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Finally out for worldwars, killerpandemics and global overpopulation??

                     --- Political   Science Fiction ! ! !   with scenes ready for film ---

The struggle for water, for resources in general and the galloping overpopulation had already led to many violent regional wars. The world government pulled the emergency brake. They wanted to avoid, by all means, that an uncontrollable conflagration that could even lead to a world war would develop. Therefore, she was forced to take unprecedented, almost sensational and drastic measures:

All continents were separated or sealed off!

This happened through the natural boundary of water and/or through a staggering of huge, extremely robust special bulkheads. The world government only had the task of monitoring and securing these bulkheads on land, on water and in the air. Massive military action was announced. But it was only a minor evil compared to a world war. The necessary number of military space stations were also positioned over the continent bulkheads. With its fast anti-missiles, it is supposed to connect, among other things, that missiles are fired across continent borders.

The consistent demarcation of all continents had other advantages:

- Killer viruses and serious epidemics could no longer spread quickly across the world by plane or stream of tourists, but could only affect one continent at most! Lighter and more flexible bulkheads for continental protection would probably suffice here. Continents from which the greatest risk of infection emanates are of course cordoned off first.

There were just too many "Laschy and lobby governments" in the world!

They just couldn't quarantine infected people and their contacts quickly and consistently. Because they geared their actions too much to the personal rights of individual infected people, they would rather risk hundreds of millions of pandemic human victims! ! They also let tourists from the infection centers uncontrolled into countries that were still unaffected for too long. In addition, it was often more important to them to indulge the lobby/money interests of tour operators than to completely close the borders for dangerous careless tourists who just got out.

In order to prevent a worldwide KILLER pandemic with possibly hundreds of millions of deaths, nothing should be too fine. Anyone who acts too laxly as a ruler is of course complicit in the mass deaths that are to be expected later. And accordingly, "KILLERpandemic subsidy paragraphs" would have to be punished according to a new type to be determined.

But with the possibility of continental bulkheads, fatal human error could still be stopped in time - in the truest sense of the word...

- Any armed conflicts remained regionally limited!



- In addition, this is the only way to proceed according to a pure polluter pays principle. For example, anyone who gets themselves the "overpopulation soup" should kindly spoon it up themselves in the future! One continent in particular has regularly threatened another (in the sense of the word): Yes, if you don't voluntarily take in our surplus crowds, they'll just overrun you. And then they were surprised that the other side responded to this blatant threat with a kind of continental fortress. For convenience, religious, traditional and who knows what reasons, this continent just couldn't get the birth control it needed. You just made it easy for yourself: others should take the blame for their own inability, they should get the buck. But that was finally the end - the world was no longer a huge transfer station for hundreds of millions of refugees, asylum seekers and the like! ! !



- A worldwide financial crisis with subsequent economic recession everywhere could no longer exist. Also parasitic "tax havens" could now be eliminated faster and better.




First of all, everyone had to find their way around the unfamiliar, completely new circumstances. It was not easy. There was often weeping and gnashing of teeth. But it was clear to everyone: Much better than a Third World War, killer pandemics and global overpopulation! Everything has its price. The bulkheads could be reopened between continents that had had their territory under control for a sufficient period of time and, at least for the time being, no longer posed a threat to other continents. If only on an experimental basis, because as soon as there was intercontinental stress again, the hatches were closed again, so to speak. This process was able to prevent a lot of bad things and the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Billions of people realized this and initial hatred gave way to general acceptance...



PS. And don't forget: This is a science fiction! ! !




(c)  2008 by Harry Schloßmacher




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Published on e-Stories.org on 04/21/2023.


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