Doris Groiß


She meets him. 

They love each other.
During the day and at night. 
It seems, that it is made for eternity. 
They are happy. 
He kisses away the tears of joy 
from her eyes. 

Lost in love!

But then he leaves her. 
Her heart bleeds. 
Come, I take my scarf and 
wipe the blood away from you. 
Come, I take my scarf and wipe away 
your tears. 

It is calm here, he has gone. 

Her heart bleeds. The tears flow. 
Pain makes the body fluids flow. 

It is calm here, the silence. 

Come I will take my scarf and wipe away 
your blood. 

Come and calm your bloody heart. 
Take my scarf and dry your blood.

Love makes the body fluids flow. 

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Doris Groiß.
Published on on 04/23/2023.


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