Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Twilight: Brief song

... this rumor, this vibrant anointing while I walk, I think and feel alone,
This uncertainty being fire and air, which I intuit and smell and accompanies me,
is the light;
And no, they were not with my clothes ... they would be here, maybe among the breñas, waiting for me;
... ah, if you were with me and could touch these golden glitters,
- o Aspirate its essence to peace and good, and Rio and Tomillo -
If they could, say, fly and burn the heart with them and for them,
How much, how much we could talk,
how much;
… In the distance, which immortal guides, have risen with their shreds and have torn the sky;
But I know they are here with the languages of the soul,
Between this excitement of stubble and poplars and birds burning under the lute of being,
the flame to live;
... By my side, flirting, the last two butterflies have passed,
being and sharing the afternoon and the world;
Oh, instant, oh, oh joy!
Antonio Justel
https: //www.oriondanthoseas.comn

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 04/24/2023.


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