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Psychology professor Ford: No sign of a tough power woman!!

I, as a state-certified women's friend ;-) ;-) (which is also proven by my many love stories . . . ), can also express myself like this: "Not a trace of a tough power woman! " Highly amazing: Psychology professor can do it not even self-treat in 36 years! ?

Psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford had endless time to do this and still didn't make it to this day! You just can't get a grip on your allegedly so painful sexual complaints. Truly: A pretty poor picture for a psychology expert of the highest category. After a whopping 36 years, the oh so affected person has the following situation: "Wait a minute, there was something. It hasn't really bothered me so far ... and Kavanaugh only tried it ... otherwise I would have been fine I had plenty of time to file charges against him, but now I could reactivate what I had long forgotten in order to make double political capital out of it:

1) I don't like the Republicans and I could spoil the Supreme Court judge soup for them.. "Yes and

2) I'll let it cost me a lot. Democrats will have to offer me some post as a thank you at some point - somehow + somewhere. It's clear: Only death is free - eehhh, on closer inspection not yet times that."

- - - - -

And it goes on, in the far too late "after-ticket circus":
The power woman, who has been so tough for a long time, suddenly mutates into a crybaby in court - presents herself with an unparalleled tear-jerking spectacle. Just an indictment: shameful - embarrassing - incomprehensible. She should better crawl into a corner and not whine to the world public nor her incompetence. This woman clearly missed her job! : Who takes a state-certified master of her subject seriously, who doesn't even know how to help herself with her media? ! ? But the highly educated and political opponents (democrats) are so clever: tears at the right time in the right place do a lot - usually much more than even the most sensible words.

After 36 years such a show, such a fuss! Only in the case of a murder can one still understand this. Everything else is long gone!

Shouldn't there finally be an obligation to report all processes of this kind? ?
That sexually affected people have up to 1 month to report the crime. Then it would no longer be possible to hide in sniper or partisan fashion and then quickly strike at a politically important moment.

Or for all time to have a bad means of pressure/blackmail against unwanted ex-partners, friends, acquaintances.

The proof would then be better set up!!...


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