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Yes, what now? - Brief explanation of "eternal rest"

"The Lord give you eternal rest" (and something like that) it says when Christians have died. Eternal peace - how uninteresting, unexciting + totally boring is that? ? Who would like to do nothing indefinitely + not experience the slightest thing anymore? This would be an extremely simple, stupid + embarrassing hereafter -- "our" earth would have much more to offer...

"Yes, what is it now, what is it now?", The wellknown Comedien Mario Barth from Berlin (Germany) would ask in this way the big question:

                                                                        Is there " Heaven - purgatory + hell"

                                                                        or just

                                                                        "eternal rest"?

Both worlds together is simply impossible because of the contrasting programs:
Logically, there must be some different action in "Heaven - Purgatory + Hell". Very pleasant in heaven - mixed in purgatory + extremely bad in hell.
And then expecting + wishing at the Christian grave: "The Lord give you eternal rest" is also misleading + paradoxical! Because - as said or written:

Either Christians "sleep" their piggies full forever (so nothing happens in their afterlife for all time)


there is plenty of heaven, purgatory + hell action for them.

                                               You can't do both at the same time,
                                               so "the church" has to explain how things really are.

Amen. ;-))


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