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PART-3_There is only the material world, so no hereafter!

Of course as a creature can never be a creator ! Why am I speaking as God in a whole series of texts? So just try to PUT me into rational cosmic thinking + working of a god. So it's not megalomania! ! Maybe it helps a little bit to better understand the ultimately/personally unknown God. It's also fun (try it too! ), is interesting, even if it's not exactly easy for a human. But, in modern times, one should not just leave the field to Old Bible authors ... ###############################################################

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you here too:

There is no other world but this one! And there are good reasons for that: I'm more than busy with the matter universe, as just explained. And to saddle yourself with a spooky ghost world would be pure madness. I'm not completely stupid! ;-)). An astral world would be uninteresting anyway and only a haven of asceticism. What do ghosts really want to experience, apart from scaring people? The sheer unlimited field of activity of a material life is denied them. No sources of pleasure, no adventures with exciting events or 1,000 other interesting activities on beautifully naturally decorated rock/water planets and large moons. A rich material universe is undoubtedly preferable to a barren astral world.

So there is no hereafter either! ! . . . 
...with trillions of bored spirit souls that I would then have to look after additionally. Quadrillions, because, God knows, intelligences are not only at home on Terra! If the astral world were actually the non plus ultra - what should I do with a matter cosmos? ?

And why am I taking away those illusions of the paradisiacal hereafter? Not at all to frighten you or even to drive you into resignation. "Pure wine" poured in good time can be very helpful. He gives the opportunity to achieve success in reality from a supposed defeat in the hereafter. So my intelligent creatures can adapt and make the best of it. Only those have the opportunity to cheat death with appropriate scientific support - so that at some point a ghost hereafter would be superfluous anyway. And don't forget that you are privileged to do so; because animals have zero chance of eternal life - except for extremely few, very primitive microorganisms. But with their stupid life not exactly the Burner!

Now a hot tip: Dealing with nonsense like astrology, clairvoyance, pendulums, laying cards, homeopathy (and much more like that) is zero effective on the long, very difficult path to - at least potentially - eternal life! !
So make an effort so that you can enjoy material existence with your loved ones + friends for as long as possible. Because after that there is nothing else or better! Just stop the total boredom + seclusion of death, the eternal rest! !

My cosmos team + I are happy about every species that can see our super gigantic universe and is impressed by it. You are our favorite; for the great majority of my creatures have not the faintest idea of ​​it. Whether plants, trees + animals of all kinds - they just vegetate away - not knowing anything about the crucial phenomena of the universe. And even the intelligentsia need a long time and corresponding technical developments in order to see through the micro and macro cosmos to some extent. Primitive people have very bad cards.

Conclusion + another piece of good advice (probably I have my social day today ;-) ):
Make an effort mainly for appropriate science, research + technology, so that your life + religion and philosophy are not guided by ignorance and stupidity! Billions of deceased people have already had false hopes for the hereafter. Stupid walk, even if they no longer notice. Other civilizations are already (potentially) striving for eternal life in this world and not in the hereafter - they are on the right steamer!


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