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My paradisiacal hereafter_PART--1

or: I would probably be happy forever

Whether there is an hereafter is more than questionable for me - meanwhile I see it like Prof. Stephan Hawking. And certain near-death experiences or religious ideas are also extremely poor. Who wants to see only one bright - albeit beautiful - light forever? ? ? Well, this would not satisfy me in the least - on the contrary: After a short time it would only get on your nerves and tire you!

But if there is no after-death hereafter, then this is not necessarily a disadvantage. If we only have ONE life - namely this worldly z. Z. on earth - then we have to make an enormous effort here in order to be able to live forever! At least potentially. We should do considerably more research in numerous relevant scientific disciplines - invest time, money and personnel. Of course you have to want it intensively + undeterred and not let yourself be bullied by critics, ethicists (and many more like that).

But if I were asked how paradise, purgatory and hell could look like on the basis of earthly experience, then I would have the following ideas:


the P A R A D I E S, " DER H I M M E L "

Yes, everything beautiful, positive + pleasant that people were offered on earth to continue there forever would be a good framework for a heavenly hereafter. That could be nice trips - music - dance - eroticism - delicious food + drink - only "Good inside and outside trips" - etc., etc., to name just a few from a huge range.

Exactly the opposite:
Everything bad, bad, unpleasant would continue there without end. Murder + manslaughter - illness - boredom - bullying - depression - starving + thirsty - just "bad inside and outside trips", to name just a few of many.

It starts with all the elements of hell. But gradually reduced over a long period of time and filled more and more with paradise phenomena. Until one "day" the full level of heaven is reached and will remain so.


I have additional thoughts about "my" paradise in the hereafter; because it should irritate me, interest me, entertain me for all time - i.e. please me all round - then e.g. like this:

Cosmic beam inspections
Boredom is already unpleasant in the short earth existence. But how much worse would it be in an afterlife designed for eternity? ! ? So something new should always happen here and what would be more ideal than "inspections" in an almost inexhaustible cosmos or even in cosmos, in a multi-verse?
It should be expected that in time a creator would proudly display his entire creation to his intelligent creatures. Light and illumination games alone are not enough. You can only dish up something like this astral/spiritual beings that are inedible anyway and are forever amazed at the brightness.

We humans have many unanswered questions and unfulfilled longings, such as:

--- Where exactly are there still intelligences in the universe?
--- Where everywhere are animal-like creatures there?
--- What do the sensational processes UM active supermassive black holes look like up close?
--- What is really happening INSIDE these gigantic black holes?

Being beamed in and out of there without suffering any damage would be super heavenly.


(will be continued...)


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