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Six-month ASIA ADVENTURE /// PART--1



My travel report was published in a similar way - but not as extensively - in the press at the time. Then it said, for example:

- By car from Düren to Calcutta / Part 1 Two young men from the Düren district on the road for half a year

 - Thundering into the Great Salt Desert / Part 2

 - An army of 20,000 workers Builded the most beautiful mosque of the world /part 3

 Harry Schloßmacher as follows:
etc ..


 "where I am too, I see your picture in front of me ..."
 (Half-year Asia adventure and the thing called l o v e)

 finally it was so far. The starting signal for a 15,000 km journey into the unknown had been given. From now on, my friend Peter Kastenholz and I would take it in turns to sit behind the wheel of the "Beetle". Strive to reach our destination - Calcutta in India - as safely as possible.
At first there were four of us - but two people dropped out at the last moment. Nonetheless, Peter and I pulled the whole thing through. But the mammoth tour almost came to an end - as soon as it had started - already due to a defective clutch and a charming young woman, Rosi:
We had had a major car inspection carried out on the VW-Beetle. This was advisable if the trip to Asia was to cover around 15,000 km. So we drove on calmly; initially on the Düren - Cologne motorway. When behind Cologne the Beetle could hardly climb any more inclines, the astonishment was great. A general inspection and then that! Coupling defective... Farewell to Asia?
Peter called his father in a wine village near Königswinter. As head of personnel at the main post office in Düren, he had incredible postal home contacts across the country. This also came at the right time for us. In the evening around 10 p.m. we 'landed' with the already very defective Beetle at Stuttgart train station. Almost a station of honour: two post office managers, one of whom was Esther, and a fellow manager picked us up. Then there were talks, good liquid and solid refreshments and a lot of friendliness in the Stuttgart-Leuschnerstraße post hostel. But we couldn't stay overnight there.

Esther resided in Stuttgart-Schmieden. Her apartment with the arched doors was really cozy. Esther, quite a bit older than us, chubby, quite likeable and talkative. Also hospitable. Actually, this is Peter's love story; but I was also very affected. Because... ...despite certain womanly matters, Esther and Peter found each other amazingly intense that night. Pronounced moans and screams of pleasure alternated. A loving couple in their wonderful element. And this until the early morning. How I would like to have instead of Peter or the three of us... In response to my fears ;-), Peter shared his motto the next day: 'A good seaman also wades through the Red Sea!' But said night was not only one of the longest for Peter. Poor thing, I couldn't close my eyes anymore because typical 'traffic noises' almost constantly penetrated my ears from the next room. I could twist and turn any way I wanted. Enough time to develop anger and envy. The next day we were treated well again. At lunchtime there was plenty of tasty spaetzle.

Esther and her nice colleague and friend from Leuschnerstraße showed Peter and me a lot more in Stuttgart. We went up to the top of the television tower. coffee shop there. Great view. Then to the castle restaurant. cloning; something 'see and be seen'. We had a week anyway. Strolled uphill and downhill through Stuttgart several times, got to know this and that here. Finally, our Beetle was repaired and ready to drive. However, saying goodbye to Stuttgart was particularly difficult for me. I almost got stuck here (the why in the following passages about 'Rosi'! ). Later, on the actual trip to Asia and far away from Stuttgart, the two globetrotters - that is us ;-) - came back to talk about Esther. I told Peter straight out that I would rather have been involved than not slept that night. Then my friend Peter: Why didn't you say a word about it back then, we certainly wouldn't have had anything against it!?... (Painful, painful...again one of my 100 missed chances!! Self-awareness: Well, what a thing real sucker is...)

(to be continued)



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