Harry Schlo▀macher

Six-month ASIA ADVENTURE and the thing called LOVE // PART--3


The uncertain, undecided back and forth finally came to an end. Rosi's friend and roommate suddenly appeared and lay down with her. Since a twosome was probably passé now, I brought up a sex threesome. It was only talked about and talked about, but even more laughed - that's the dream for the night! There were a few more meetings with Rosi. Still had a huge crush on her. For days, the desire to stay with her or - as planned and prepared for the long term, to continue with Peter to CALCUTS / India - balanced the balance. When our Beetle finally left the workshop and I had to make a decision, I went with it with a heavy heart. Even the weather gods seemed to be expressing the pain I had to say goodbye: it was raining heavily and the sky was overcast with large clouds. Everything seemed gray and desolate when we left Stuttgart. Rosi got a kiss on the cheek and the record hit, MAXI forerunner and melancholy song 'Geh nicht Pass...' (interpreter Christian Anders) from me as a present: 'Wherever I am, I see your picture in front of me...'


From Stuttgart to AUSTRIA. In KEMATEN/Innsbruck we, future globetrotters, stopped for 5/6 days at Peter's sister's. It was now early November. Winter was already announced in the surrounding mountains with coolness and snow cover. We had a little drink in a pub near the Goldenes Dacherl in INNSBRUCK. I fought bravely against Rosi's fresh farewell wound. 'Wherever I am, I see your picture before me...'. Damn, it was that accurate! "Come on Peter, I have to see something else again. Otherwise I'll go crazy or actually drive back to her. I'm afraid I can't get away from her. To the left wide lush green meadows; some with more or less happy cows - on the right, the INN meandered in front of the gigantic massif of the Kaisergebirge. A quite remarkable sight. But the evening beer and the funny company (including Peter's sister and her husband) in a cozy KEMATEN pub distracted me more. Farewell again.


Our The route first led past the "Europabrücke” near Innsbruck in the direction of Venice. In the evening we spent the night in MESTRE, the large neighboring city. Sleeping two people in the Beetle was not without problems. For a while we looked for a suitable branch office. Of necessity we finally went to bed We would have slept through the night if heavy rain hadn't surprised us in the middle of the night. Quickly back into the car. The next day we almost got lost in the labyrinth of streets and alleyways of VENICE. An interesting, impressive because unique city. 'Wherever I am, I see your picture in front of me...' How I would like to be in a gondola with Rosi in my arms...to be steered through the canals. Would have fallen in love and dreamily enjoyed the romance of the city on land. On the way I received many lovely letters from Rosi. Wherever we stayed in big cities for a long time. I received Rosi's last letter in TEHRAN. Unfortunately, unfortunately... 'Wherever I am, I see your picture before me...' for a long, long time...

(to be continued)



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