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Fiction: The Confederate Reincarnation Church




This little sermon stems from a music band that seems to have dissolved in the meanwhile. I took the artistic freedom to add-up to it:


I’ve been a soldier,

under General Lee!

In the 2nd Fieldgrave Cavalry

In the swamps of Louisiana,

In the heat and mud:

I’ve been a rebel soldier;

I spilled Union blood!



Fiction: The Confederate Reincarnation Church


© Andre Michael Pietroschek, all rights reserved

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`The author is a low-income, small penis white-trash person and merely driven by a certain envy.´



Now, before my unreliable memories of those days ever are given words: It was nearly ten years before the BSA went to war against the former USA, Canada, and the arisen Dixieland. I can also daresay that the Church was completely defeated by the Big Black Cox.


One day, they were there. Websites, phone apps, and even old newspaper advertising were among the usual efforts. Street corner people risking trouble recruiting people to the faith. Given, that to me it had seemed like a suicide-by-angry-black-person trip even outmatching my `South-Coast Rap´ idea of Confederate Rap, I certainly never expected that church to ever last a week.


But, it did.


It seemed impossible, as the main punchline of the sermon was that members were taught, by prayer, meditation, and analysis of `karmic mistakes´ & repercussions, how to better their supposed next life by living a certain way. A sort of how to make a popularity contest backfire the riot way.


It was also effing obvious that the mostly racist leadership already got caught when they literally promised that being reincarnated as a white person is among the highest forms of promotion their `God´ had to offer.


Paradoxically, large numbers of people, often the losers in their communities having to restart, still threw themselves into the reincarnation craze on the hype train.


White people, black people, yellow people, and reddish-native people seemed utterly convinced that they can avoid the downfall into racism and still wrest the secrets of a better future incarnation from the church sermon. Playering players, manipulating manipulators, and the usual. Live streams, street corner preachers, and even porn stars shamelessly lying into the cameras.


My suspicion was that legalized medical weed somehow had severe side effects left unmentioned by a greedy and uncaring industry behind it.


As with everything USA, it spread like wildfire and with constant debates. Debates, as usual, were abused by failing politicians to re-profile themselves and find new gullible victims to keep them in the undeserved higher-income lanes of the nation. Similar quickly followed in several other nations, albeit those being the losers in the global resource war.


IF, at any point in the timeline, people really believed the former Union with its racial separation laws to be worse than the defeated slavers of the South, I do not know!


Here, in the Opiate Koran State formerly known as Germany, it went A LOT like the self-imposed myths of the early Christianity fish-cult against the Roman Empire. Creativity was not among God's promises, or so it seemed. Still, God had supposedly promised them reincarnation as white people, not talent as artists.


Instead of competing with the other religions, some suspect that even instead of going for larger sums of money. One day, barely three years after working over shift to spread their faith, the church leadership instigated a great, global hype and announced that the chosen had their chance, and the church now dissolves itself.


I am unable to tell, if the reincarnation idea was abused by racists merely adding the `reincarnation into a white person´ sermon, or if it was utter BS all the way. The church left a minor mark on the world, then voluntarily went underground.

Vanished, as if the choice made them react the way that drive-by shootings, riots, brawls, racism-accusations, and media campaigns against them failed to achieve.


Gone with the wind, as an old saying foretold.


And so, after the critical failure of South Coast Rap, the minimal memories of the Confederate Reincarnation Church, and the vague memories of the early BSA (Black States of America), I finally have nothing more to write about, or tell. OK.


The end



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I cannot promise you that I will start a drug habit (substance abuse), BUT I can promise you that money
gifted to me will be happily accepted. ;-)

`The real Robert E. Lee was also Afro-American?ī
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Published on on 07/24/2023.


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