Rolph David

A Poem Full Of Deceased Words!

Beneath the apricity, winter's gentle light,
A warmth from sun, so soft, so right,
In moonglade's shimmer, the water's glow,
Reflecting fullness, a tranquil flow.

As librocubicularists find their rest,
In bed they roam through tales, so blessed.
While petrichor whispers of rain's sweet kiss,
A scent of earth, a moment of bliss.

But amidst this scene, where words take flight,
Lethologica steals into the night,
A shadow cast upon the mind,
Where elusive words are hard to find.

In the company of namelings, two or more,
Echoing names from days of yore.
Amidst the chatter, a silent plea,
For time's swift march, its ceaseless spree.

Some fudgel, pretending to toil,
Others scurryfunge, in hidden coil.
And lanspresado, with naught to pay,
Conveniently present it day by day.

With niblings close, a bond so true,
Non-gendered kin, both old and new.
Their laughter echoes, a sweet refrain,
As psithurism whispers, through wind and rain.

So let us cherish each word's bright gleam,
In this journey of life, this fleeting dream.
For in their whispers, we come to find,
The depth and breadth of humankind.



apricity (17th century) = the warmth of the sun in winter.

fudgel (18th century) = pretending to work while actually doing nothing.

lethologica (early 20th century) = when you cannot recall the precise word for something.

lanspresado (18th century) = someone who always conveniently shows up with no money.

librocubicularist (mid 20th century) = a person who reads books in bed.

moonglade (19th century) = the reflection the full moon makes on the water.

namelings (19th century) = two or more persons that have the same name.

nibling (mid 20th century) = a non-gender word for niece or nephew (like sibling).

petrichor (mid 20th century) = the smell of the earth after rain.

psithurism (19th century) = the sound of rustling leaves or wind in the trees.

scurryfunge (18th century) = to rush around cleaning when visitors are on their way over.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 04/06/2024.


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