Rolph David

One Man's Victory, Another's Defeat!

Upon a stage where history did unfold,
At Waterloo, where mighty armies clashed,
Napoleon's reign, once proud and bold,
In fateful defeat, was swiftly dashed.

"My, my", the echoes of that day still ring,
As cannons roared and soldiers met their fate,
The emperor's dreams, a fleeting fling,
As victory slipped beyond his gate.

But from the ashes of his grand defeat,
A melody arose, a joyful sound,
ABBA's anthem, with rhythms sweet,
In triumph, their ascent knew no bound.

For like the conqueror who fell before,
They rose victoriously, forevermore.

Waterloo, where destinies entwine,
A tale of loss and love, in song divine.

50 years ago, on 6 April 1974, ABBA won the ESC with "Waterloo" in the seaside resort of Brighton. It is interesting to note that the 19th ESC should have been held in Luxembourg. However, the Grand Duchy had won two years in a row and had already organised the competition the previous year. The decision was made not to organise it a second time due to the costs. So Great Britain and the BBC stepped in as organisers. Victory and defeat are often very close in life - not unlike Napoleon and ABBA.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 04/08/2024.


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