Rolph David

Odyssee Of Hope - A Refugee's Trek

Across some barren plains I roamed alone,
And borders I have crossed, far from my own.
And dreams of Europe's distant shore,
Beckoning hope, and promising more.

I went through deserts and through mountains tall,
I journeyed on, while heeding the call
Of danger lurking, of fate's cruel hand,
And seeking freedom in a far-distant land.

But traffickers preyed upon my desperate plea,
With lies and deceit, they did set me free
From the little I had, and the last of worth,
They left me stranded, alone on this earth.

Boarding boats crowded, we then sailed away,
In the Mediterranean's treacherous sway.
Fear's stench hanged heavy, and thick in the air,
We prayed for mercy, for fate to spare.

Cramped and weary, we clinged to life,
Amidst cruel turmoil, amidst our strife.
Italy's shores, a sanctuary in sight,
A chance for refuge, a beacon so bright.

Let the journey stand like a testament true,
To the resilience of those who pursue
A brighter future, a better way,
In the face of hardship, come what may.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 04/21/2024.


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