Rolph David

Generation Z: The Coddled Collapse!

Where coddled youth dwell, with ego inflated,
In praise, they swim, in challenges, sedated.
Parents doting, shielding from life's cruel sting,
Yet unaware of the future they bring.

Inflated pride, fragile at its core,
Their confidence soars, but their stamina? Poor.
They wilt under pressure, quick to recede,
Their dreams grandiose, but their wills impede.

"Generation Z, a barren field they tread,
With naught but yield, their potential dead.
Entitled and weak, they shun the fight,
A bleak generation, lost in their plight."

But what of the society, left in their wake?
A future uncertain, if action we forsake.
For resilience and grit, we must instil,
To navigate life's challenges, and bend to its will.

So let's break the cycle, before it's too late,
And sculpt a generation, resilient and great.
For the road ahead demands strength and wit,
To ensure a society that's fit to commit.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 04/23/2024.


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