Harry Schlo▀macher

THE DEATH, my MORTAL enemy -- Part 1



(aphorisms/thought fragments)

Short foreword: ...

Similar to a 'bad cancer diagnosis', the ghosts here will Separate:

- The one definitely wants to know 'the truth' - to find out where he stands and what his honest situation is.

- The other person doesn't want that at all - he blocks it, prefers to suppress it (For example death and all the weaknesses of a biological body) and just lets it happen.

So there will also be these 2 'resonance camps' at my aphorisms...

 > "If you all don't change your way of thinking, you all will die!!!"

> Whether it's old or young - whether it's a man, woman or child >> > Death is the worst catastrophe in EVERY person's life, because it is so absolute that there is no way back...

> Even those who initially go through life full of love of life become increasingly more subdued the closer Death is approaching. For me, death is never a friend, as it is for some. Death is my mortal enemy!

> "The Achilles heel of man - or rather from the human spirit - is his biological body!"

> The goal must be to disconnect from nature as much as possible so that it can be recognized as an enemy that must be fought in many ways. Namely leaving nature as it is also means that individuals have to die forever...

>  At the latest in the face of death, life must have seemed like an eerie ghost to the bios (people with biological bodies); because they had experienced and possessed so many things and now they had nothing left, on the irrevocable journey into nothingness...

> So, in a body that will ultimately bring me death, I cannot PERMANENTLY feel comfortable!! And anyone who can do it must be sick... > Biological bodies age immediately after they are born! But hello, what is that supposed to mean??
 A system that is already dismantling , as soon as it was created!?

> For me, the thought of never waking up again because of death - simply horrible, unimaginable...

> And what the bios (preferably the female ones) didn't do everything to make their bodies beautiful ('thousand' activities! ). Bodies that became ugly as hell within a few decades at the latest (in the grave) or were almost no longer there (as ashes)

>  The unpredictable death almost everywhere like a sword of Damocles over one... and then you should still develop joy in life...

> The athletes of the world, thousands of them fight for medals - but never just as intensely and consistently for their lives!? Why, when it is so valuable? Much more important than all the medals in the world... > The future of all of us is not rosy: because we will all end up in the grave or be scattered as ashes somewhere - if nothing decisive or revolutionary happens. And that was it...

> The 'beautiful life' was sung about in hundreds of hits back then.
 But how can a being who knows that it dies talk about the 'beautiful life'?!

> Seen in this way, we are all "Micro-Titanics", because one day death will drag us deep into the abyss - if nothing extraordinary happens



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