Joseph Trance


Psychologist (P)
So you didn't mean to hurt him. Or
Scare Him.

Brandon (B): No. Quite the  opposite. .Not  scared.  I didn't want Him to change His mind.  I wanted to help Him. IF He had had any second thoughts, I wanted Him to feel secure that staying there was the right thing.

(P):   Maybe the real issue was that YOU wanted to feel secure.  Maybe  you were the one feeling...scared...
according to your rap sheet..aggravated assult..  Assault 
with a deadly weapon,  robbery, sexual assault, murder
in the first degree...Your list is quite long..

(B) Maybe you're right.  Maybe...No...IT'S really bigger than just me. Can you imagine what would have happened if He did change His mind?  Can you imagine the pain and suffering... unending....

(P) Hmm.  But honestly.  Think about it..if He really  wanted
to change...what could you or anyone else do about it?
No matter how many nails wouldn't have made a difference. 

(B):  Yeah...but..I had to try.  I've done a lot of very bad in my
life.  But..Who hasn't.   I know it really doesn't make sense
but I had to try.  AND He DID stay there and complete  His mission...until it was He said.

(P)  But...not because of you. It was because of Him.   HIS obedience. HIS DESIRE to make it all right. His Love.
Not You.

(B) Yes...Me.  Me and people like me.  Everyone. I know I've caused pain and suffering..lots of it.  And my dad beat me bad for all of it.  But when I saw Him. When I heard what He did with the blind, and deaf and the lepers and how He calmed the storms..not only In the skies but the stoms in people.  I felt it.  I felt  Him.  And I knew..I knew I had to be the one to do it.

(P)   Do you think you still did the right thing??                 

 (B)  I'VE nailed lots of people to crosses.  And 
I've hated everyone of them.  But He..He was different. 
He.I. Loved.  I had visions of my dad and how he beat me bloody.  And I saw Him. I saw Him right before I nailed Him to the cross..He stopped my dad and hugged him.
And then..then He hugged me.  And then He said to me.
"Go on..go on...with the's ok.  It isnecessary. "And i and I cried as I hammered them into Him.  I cried and cried. And then I felt my heart break.  I saw visions of every sick and evil thing I'd  ever done.  The darkness in me rose up and i wanted to scream but then...then..I felt this washing in my heart.  But it wasn't water that cleaned me it was His . blood.The blood that squirted from the holes in His flesh from the nails..I can't describe how clean I clean.. 6
So..yes.  Yes.  It was the right thing to do.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 04/27/2024.


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