Rolph David

The Spectacle Of Discord: The Decline Of The ESC!

Once a stage of grace, now chaos and blare,
Where self-absorbed stars in costumes declare
Their grandeur and fame with each extravagant hue,
A singing contest once pure, now lost in outlandish view.

What once was a song from lands of the West,
Now a global spectacle, devoid of its crest.
Nations far and wide, not bound by seas,
Clamor for attention with English “pleas“.

No longer the charm of native tongue,
But shrill warbling in a universal rung.
Politics now taints this once noble affair,
Boos for nations burdened with despair.

Exclusions made without clear sight,
Robbing the stage of its rightful light.
Talent drowned out by flashy veneer,
As ratings soar for all that's severe.

Young, hot, and male, against old and stout,
In a contest of wits where winners doubt.
The victor crowned not for melody's grace,
But for the loudest roar in this frenzied race.

A spectacle overblown, unfair and cruel,
Where the craziest fool plays the golden rule.
Let's bid adieu to this lavish charade,
For true music's sake, let's find a new “crusade“.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 05/12/2024.


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