Ingrid Baumgart-Fütterer

Lost Love

- Fiction -

Where has gone all the love, I need?
It vanished soon at a high speed
soon after our honeymoon stopped
and tears of desperation dropped.

But why ceased his heart loving me?
The question buzzes like a bee
permanently around my head,
soon making it heavy like lead.

When I will vanquish my soreness?
Maybe never, as I now guess,
sometimes I fear, I will drive mad
longing for comfort from mum, dad.

What did destroy our confidence,
 built between us an iron fence,
which early separated us,
producing such terrible fuss?

How can heal the scars of my soul,
which feels itself empty like a hole
since love changed into delusion,
buried forever, last illusion?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid Baumgart-Fütterer.
Published on on 05/14/2024.


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