Rolph David

75 Years Of The German Basic Law

On this day, in history's gaze,
A beacon lit, a path ablaze.
Seventy-five years, a testament bold,
To principles timeless, courage untold.

In halls of justice, its words resound,
A constitution, on solid ground.
Equality's anthem, in every line,
A promise of justice, eternally shine.

Freedom's flag, unfurled on high,
Dignity's echo, across the sky.
Human rights, in every breath,
A vow to protect, even in death.

Rule of law, a steadfast guide,
Fairness and order, side by side.
Democracy's chorus, in vibrant hue,
Voices united, tried and true.

Federalism's symphony, a blend so grand,
Unity and diversity, hand in hand they expand.
The rights of the individual, in gold enshrined,
A legacy cherished, for all humankind.

So let the bells ring, let the trumpets call,
In celebration, of a law for all.
German Basic Law, at seventy-five,
A guiding light, forever alive.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 05/23/2024.


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