Antonio Justel Rodriguez


…because, even if the dream/voice comes from far away, from very far away,
When all hearts are righteous,
how, how and who will speak of justice, moreover, what will justice be?;
and when there are no longer nations or markets or races or languages
nor Parliaments with laws to make or comply with
and ideas fly without the tragic prison of words,
What will become of televisions and radios, what of iPhones, telephones,
And what, what will become of the Internet, of our videos and photos and our beloved emails!
And the prisons, will they disappear...? Will they do it at the end of cities and wastelands,
of the gloomy dregs of the soul, of the passion and prison of being?
… ah times, ah science of metal and instrument of man,
cosmogony of faith and reason with which we will still have to face floods,
shocks, teeth and claws of such dense and long darkness: evil;
Let's talk and tell us, then, about when the rainbow will end, about when the loaves will dissolve,
of when illness, suffering, error,
the doubt…
…oh relentless struggle, oh civil light, oh divine presence, oh, oh freedom.
Antonio Justel Rodríguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 05/24/2024.


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