Rolph David

You Are Missed Still!

Three years have passed since that fateful day,
When Mother's breath was cruelly stripped away.
In lonely pallor, month by month she lay,
With food and water scarce in her dismay.

In Corona's grip, her life did fade away,
Abandoned, helpless, in that bed she lay.
The pain of watching couldn't be relieved,
In peace, her soul is now released.

No comfort found, no solace in her eyes,
Just endless nights and sorrowed, tearful cries.
Her dying slow, beneath the darkened skies,
A wound that deepens, though the body dies.

Each day, the loss is felt with aching heart,
A chasm wide, no bridge to span apart.
The world, it turned, yet we remained to chart
A course through grief, with tears that never part.

The wounds unhealed, we learn to mask our pain,
Suppress the memories, but scars remain.
Her suffering, an ever-present chain,
A brutal end, in death's relentless reign.

Yet in our hearts, we hope her spirit's free,
Released from anguish, far from misery.
We pray her soul now rests eternally,
In peace unknown to us, where pain can’t be.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 06/07/2024.


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