Rolph David

Het Achterhuis! Reminiscences of Anne Frank


On Anne Frank's 95th birthday yesterday

Born Anneliese Marie in '29,
In Frankfurt, where her eyes did brightly shine,
Her world was rich with friendships, faiths combined,
A life of peace, with love and hope aligned.

The Franks then fled from Hitler’s rising tide,
To Amsterdam, where they could safely hide.
Young Anne found solace in a brand new place,
A language learned, new friends, a fresh new pace.

Yet war’s dark shadow loomed, the peace undone,
As Nazi boots approached, there was no run.
In '42, with Margot’s fateful note,
The Franks concealed themselves in rooms remote.

Her thirteenth birthday brought a diary bright,
A chequered gift, her lantern through the night.
In pages filled with dreams and fears, she wrote,
She captured every thought and heartfelt note.

Each day in hiding, hope and fear would blend,
With dread of what might happen in the end.
A secret kept in silence, breath held tight,
A fragile hope, a heart that beat despite.

But August '44 brought a harsh blow,
Betrayed by one who sought to save his own.
Arnold van den Bergh, in dire straits caught,
The Annex's secret cruelly sold and bought.

To Auschwitz first, where families were torn,
The Franks were split, their hearts forever worn.
November came, to Bergen-Belsen's hell,
Where Anne and Margot's final shadows fell.

In '45, with typhus' cruel sting,
Two sisters died before the birth of spring.
A tale of innocence, of life cut short,
Of dreams that ended in that cruel court.

Otto survived, the sole one left to tell,
Of Anne’s brief life within that living hell.
Her diary, a beacon, shines so bright,
A testament to courage in the night.

Now, ninety-five years on from her first day,
We honor Anne, whose spirit lights the way.
Her words remind us, lest we e'er forget,
The price of hatred, and a world beset.

In memory of a girl whose voice still speaks,
Of love, of loss, and of the hope she seeks.
Anne Frank, her name the world will always know,
A symbol of the depths of human woe.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 06/13/2024.


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