Rolph David

Maternal Solitude

A dandelion stands in fields of light,

Its golden bloom a lantern 'neath the sun.

It cradles seeds with love and gentle might,

Each one a promise, sheltered 'til they run.


In silver tufts, its children wait to fly,

Their fragile hopes entwined in silken strands.

It watches, knowing soon they’ll bid goodbye,

To seek their fortunes in life’s distant lands.


The wind arrives, a herald of their fate,

And one by one they drift on unseen streams.

It whispers blessings as they separate,

Its heart both proud and heavy with its dreams.


A mother’s strength, though vast, will face the day

When hundreds will part, and one alone will stay.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 06/17/2024.


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