Robert Fischaleck

learning to walk


pal, did children cry,
was papas drunken pain,
and mam' stood shy,
against the trembling wall.
ah fear flew high, the itzybitzy
children but
were all these characters in vain.
did glue, the face
and voice
not cry - our
unbreakable silence hut,
not gain in strength
no hardened muscle
sharpened eye.

Weak, so weak did we start
the journeys lot.
had trust
our only weapon.
and trust did never lead as stray.
So even false and murder had to sigh
at a glimps of our little smile.

We gained, we gained so much.

we learned to walk,
most of the time ...
we walked away.
nonno, just for fun.
somebody worried after us
if not - the tragedy has begun.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Fischaleck.
Published on on 11/01/2006.


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