Markus Liebhart

The Perfect Ending

so long,
goodnight, goodbye
I can wait forever
this is my routine with you
you want to live your life,
so live your life
a stupid life, a stupid love,
a stupid lie
nobody does it better
everyday you torture me
youre breaking my heart
nobody does it better than you
wake up
and dream on
you might be flying, inside?
if I am not the one
youll let in
I save the world
with love, so
I save myself with you
this weight is more than you deserve
but it grows if you are quiet
and leaving
and I feel
the weight of water
on my lungs
while you turn around
and smile
you could be happy
here without me
all I can do
is sit around and cry
you dont care about me
now I understand
again a game,
you might be flying, inside?
I am not the one
youll let in
24 wasted years,
and 24 more
I will never be freed
of all that shit
I am meaningless, I know
I heard it yesterday
wake up to dream on
you cant sleep forever
you could be happy
if there wasnt me
now I got it
me - stupid
I thought youd feel for me
I thought it would be different
this time
how I miss you
how you laugh about that
how much I want it
how far you run away
how much I want it
youll be loved
youll never think of me again
youll live your life
with anyone you accept
hell hold your hand
and youll love it
so long,
you might be flying, inside?
some time - somehow
with anyone
so long,
farewell, goodbye
you will be happy, some time
but never with me you said
there is no perfect ending


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Markus Liebhart.
Published on on 11/20/2006.


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