Aleksandra Bilcane

Murder on London Bus

It was a sunny morning and Jay was already waiting for me at the bus stop. He dropped a short "Hi" and turned around. He had been always annoyed by my unponctuality. The bus came and we got into it. Unfortunately, it was full but we managed to find a place next to the window. Jay glanced around. I knew what he was waiting for but I didn't want to apologize. Sometimes he was behaving like a baby so I said: "Okay, I'm sorry. Are you gonna talk to me, now?"
"Yes, of course", he smiled triumphantly and pointed to a group of four people in their late teens who were sitting in the middle of the bus. There were three guys and a girl. The girl was very beautiful. She had shoulder-long blond hair, high forehead, straight nose, fair-skinned face with some freckles. She was tallish. Two of the guys looked allmost the same. They had short dark hair, straight nose and dark eyes. They both were very tall, even taller than Jay who was 1.77 m tall. The fourth person was the tallest. He was slim and he had short blond hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile that I remarked at once because he was laughing and telling something interesting to the others.
"So what?"
"You like the blond guy", said Jay. "You observed him longer than the others and you had this stupid smile that girls always have when they're in love."
"Are you jealous?"
"No, why should I be?"
I looked back over to the group. They were all wearing Lewi's jeans and white T-Shirts except the girl who was wearing a pink top - casualy but fashionably. I heard Jays voice and looked at him. His blue eyes were sparkling and his short black hair were not combed, as always. I didn't hear what he was talking about but I heard everything what happened then.
A loud scream filled the bus and the bus stopped suddenly. I felt pain in my back and fell over. Everything was black and then I heard another scream. This time the screamer was someone else. After a short while I heardsome whispers and felt how something cutmy hand.
"Are you allright?", Jay asked and I got up. Everybody was lying on the ground. I offered Jay my hand and he grabbed it. "You're bleeding."
"I know but there's nothing serious. What happened?"
"No idea, he answered and went to the middle of the bus where the people were crowding. I followed him and stopped next to him. It was a terrifying sight. The blond girl was lying on the floor. Her pink top and her blond hair were soaked with blood and her face had been frozen in horror. Jay put his arm around me and asked to call the police, when he had felt her pulse and I understood that she was dead. Later on the police arrived and Jay came to me. All the time ha had been questioning the people, especially the three guys. "They're weared."
"What do you mean?"
"The three guys", he answered. He told me that the name of the of the blond guy was ned, the names of other guys were nigel and Sam. Then he explained that the girl, whose name was Michelle, had died of the wound which had been made by a sharp object, probably a knife, needle or something like that - the police would search for the potentional weapon. "They're crazy! Just imagine that one of them had planned and cruelly fulfilled a murder in a crowded London bus. If the police finds the weapon, it won't be difficult to find the murderer. I'll better go and greet inspector Murphy."
Inspector Murphy was a good childhood friend of Jay's father. While he was talking with inspector Murphy, some policemen were questioning the other passengers, including me. I managed to find out more about the case while a policemen, who was very young and quite talkative, was interrogating me. The main suspects were the three guys because noone, except them, knew the girl and was connected with her in any manner. The weapon had not been found yet, even after the examination of body. He told me that Ned had a mobile phone, a wallet, a watch, a pen, note-paper, Sam had a mobile phone, a wallet, a measuring tape and a designer, Nigel had just a mobile phone and a wallet with a chain. Nothing really sounded like a weapon. Jay called me when I was trying to find ut if there were more wounds on the body.
He smiled and said I was the best. I couldn't imagine why but I was glad to hear it because he gave compliments ery rarely. Then he said in a loud voice thathe knew who was the murderer. Inspector Murphy seemed to be interested in it and asked Jay to explain what it had meant. "The murderer is Ned and I can prove it." Ned seemed to be shocked and told that he (Jay) couldn't prove anything because he wasn't the murderer. "You are the murderer! You had planned everything and committed here in this bus but you couldn't have done it without the help of someone else. You needed the bus to stop. Why? To hide the weapon. It sounds easy but I doubt it was. The bus driver told me that he had stopped because a boy had run in front of the bus. You know, the assistant of inspector Murphy found him and the boy told that someone had promised him fifty pounds if he will run out on the street when he gets a call," Jay paused. "But that isn't all. I found the weapon. It is a thick needle which is placed in your pen. You should have known that it's an old trick. And I'm quite sure there's blood on your watch and on the needle."
"Of course, there's blood on my watch! I touched Michelle when -"
"It's not Michelle's blood", Jay interrupted. It's her's", he pointed to me. Ned was suprised and me, too. "Sher cut herself by he fishing line which was attached to the needle in order not to loose it in the crowd. You were pulling it when she cut her hand. By the way, the fishing line is hidden in your watch. Maybe we should check if I'm right?"
Ned lowered his head: "There's no need. I killed Michelle. I hated her because she had been playing with my feelings. I loved her. She should have known how love hurts becaus she had loved Sam since the primary school. I hate her."
Sam and Nigel didn't move. They stayed calm. Jay whispered to me that we should leave and we slipped out of the damn bus.

It doesn't completely below to this category, probably, but I think it fits good in here, somehow:)
I would be very happy about comments about story. Please write some even if it's a critic. Thank you!! :))
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Published on on 01/21/2007.


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