Valérie Bergmann

inconditional past




Will so much have wanted to like the life along the days without deferment


I will as well have wanted to believe as the way was marked out along the railway


I will so much have wanted to run the rage in the middle with research of happiness


 But I went up the snow-covered collars of my years dangers


 And my dammed state made me skid the doors are close and the memories explode


I will so much have meant you the beauty of the things without the worst not becoming an empire


 I will so much have meant you the route which makes dodge the "galere"


 I will have wanted to say you as well the love as I carry you before time does not carry it


But I lost the faith and fire without flame in which I bathe my heart burns only my skin where the cold bleeds me


But silence is of ice and all exceeds me.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Valérie Bergmann.
Published on on 04/24/2007.


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