Christian Kramer


Just you and me
That's how it should be
And I'm working so hard
so nothing can tear us up apart
All that I want is to fall asleep with you by my side
But you just seem to want someone to warm up your bed at night
Sometimes I wonder if you don't love me anymore
Sometimes I even wonder if our love is nothing but a show
Back then you're eyes were full of lightnings just for me
Now boredom and emptiness are the only things I see
You used to touch me like I was precious, like I meant the world to you
But now it feels like you don't want it, you just think I want you to
Tell me please, what did I wrong that you don't want me to caress your skin?
Ididn't change, just like you said, I'm still the man I've ever been.
I guess it's worthless, I'll stop fighting,
The war is over, I have lost
But before I leave just let me tell you
your touches I will miss the most.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Christian Kramer.
Published on on 05/17/2007.


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