Nick Jordan

Mickey Mouse's Adventure Part 1

This is the story of Mickey Mouse as hegoes on a huge adventurearound the world, fighting for truth and justice!!!


(And cheese)



Mickey woke up, he got out of bed, made the bed then he left for the kitchen to have a cheese sandwich even though it was breakfast not lunch. He got the cheese from the fridge and the sandwich from the sandwich closet. Mickey Mouse, being the...Bright person he is, instead of getting the cheese from the fridge, he got the pickles...



Doesn't seem so important, does it? But to Mickey Mouse, it was!!!He was allergic to pickles!!! Why he bought themI have no idea but he just did. So Mickey Mouse had a fit and a seisure and was rolling aroundon the floor, laughing, then he jumped up, grabbed the phone book and called his sister Minnie Mouse and punched the wall...



Minnie called 000 [Australianequivalentof 911] and Mickey was soon on his way to the Hospital, except his ambulance crashed and he rolled across the street and into the airport, up the stairs, through the thingy that checks if you have any illegal stuff, then onto the runway...can you guess what happens?



Mickey woke up, then hejumped out of his bed carrier thingy and ran away into a shaped door that took him to the taxi placeoutside the airport, he ran in and said "I want to go home!" Home, being a place in Japan, so theMagic Taxi took him to Japan by travelling across the ocean, and he was kicked out half way there because he only had $418.96 and a coupon for two tacos for the price of one and a free shovel. Mickey Mouse was stranded in the middle of the ocean!!!!!...




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nick Jordan.
Published on on 06/18/2007.


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