Gisa Wierzchowski

Leaving East Germany

When the train leaves the station,
Im going back to a foreign nation.
Its not with tears or sorrow
because I think of tomorrow.

I have to look ahead!
Or I might as well be dead.

Did you ever call two worlds your own?
You would know in between youre very alone.
It took years of getting used to
Fighting to not feel blue.

The train is moving again.
Most buildings havent changed since then.
Theyre old and falling apart
and people know nothing about art.

To me this land has a beauty.
And there is no feeling of duty.
Here I dont have to think.
This train is the only link.

And when Im on the plane
Nobody will no my name.

An old poem about years of being torn between my past in a tiny east german village and life in London... Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gisa Wierzchowski.
Published on on 11/21/2004.


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