Erika Seetzen-Woods



You came
but said nothing
about he important topic
in your life,
which burdens your days,
maybe nights,
about which you confided in me
over the telephone.

You stayed just a short weekend
in which I hardly saw you,
let alone to talk about it.
You left,
leaving me wondering
what it was all about,
and I feel sadder
as a result.

I was living for the moment,
collecting you from the station.
I noticed your bright,
always optimistic eyes
saddened by your torment.
You did not share
your feelings or intentions,
leaving me helpless trying to understand.

I was so happy to see you again,
hoping that your short stay
would give you a break.
Now I feel sad
that nothing I`d hoped for
has been resolved.
Your torment
has become mine too.

Life has made you
very aggressive.
You lack patience and have no time
to open up your soul
to the one who loves you.
An invisible wall
seems to divide us.
Maybe I have lost you forever.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Erika Seetzen-Woods.
Published on on 12/01/2004.


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