Isabelle Lenk

So not ready to miss it!

Ein Jahr ist vergangen and I´m still thinking of the good times we had!
Eltern und alle, die sagen es sei die schönste Zeit des Lebens, wissen garnich, wie richtig sie damit liegen!
Schule ist sicher, sorglos, fun!
I miss it! 
I miss the daily classes!
See my friends everyday,
laugh with them,
suffer with them through endless boring classes!
I miss this whole feeling of being young, restless, careless!
Staying up late,
drinking to much,
enjoing the time we have left together.
Does it all have to end after school or will it still be same when I come back???
Will we still have parties?
Will we still not care about time or the next day?
I hope this will be the same as last summer when I left it!
I am sooo not ready to grow up!!! 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Isabelle Lenk.
Published on on 10/05/2007.


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