Myrna Doden


It's easy just to say, the pain will disappear,

For get about the past, forget about your fear.

Just open up your eyes for what's in front of you,

Your life has just begun, your dreams can still come true.

It's easy to keep smiling, whatever it may take,

To laugh and joke and party though your inner world may break.

You build a wall around yourself and nothing can get through,

Pretend to live though you're already dead inside of you.

And no one seems to get it, that it's hurting you to death,

That the pain just makes you crazy, that it takes away your breath.

And you can't believe the ones you love don't feel what's in your heart.

Though close to them you feel like falling more and more apart.

A hole that pulls you down to hell takes what is left of you

And no one ever hears your screams, no matter what you do.

Like this all of the things you used to be just fade away.

No truth more left, just lies and self deception on your way.

And in the end there's just a body, nothing more to give.

No feeligs left, just emptiness, no reason left to live...

So why not make an end to it and finish all the pain?

If all your tries and efforts always seem to be in vain.

You take a gun or what it takes and put it to your head,

You pull the trigger, close your eyes...and you are dead.

Don't you think it is too simple, too easy just to go?
Does life not have a deeper sense, far more than you might know?!

I won't try to advise you to block or to forget,

To try and live a life you did the way before you met.

I either will not tell you to disown who she is,

Her smell, her face, her body and everything you miss.

She'll always be a part of you and of the things you do.

She will remain the one you loved who broke your heart into.

So don't waste time on trying hard to think of what went wrong.

Accept the past and overcome, the pain will make you strong.

Don't close your heart to who may love you, don't be like a stone.

You mustn't ever even think that you could be alone!!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Myrna Doden.
Published on on 11/04/2007.


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