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The two of them stood facing each other in the kitchen. Something had passed between them. It was a very rare moment, a moment of deep silent understanding.  There was a feeling, which they both had just shared, and they took this feeling equally into their open tender hearts. They stared into each other’s eyes for a considerable period of time. Everything was still.

Later that night, John went downstairs to his bedroom and made ready for his sleep. As he climbed into his narrow but comfortable bed and closed his eyes, he began to have a most revealing and understanding vision. First, in his mind, he saw a young Chinese boy, yellow in skin that seemed to disappear quickly into the darkness. Next he saw another child, and this child he immediately recognized. This child was theirs, his and Amy’s. This child was the personification of that feeling he and Amy had shared earlier in the evening.

He said to himself, “now I know what it really means to have a child. A child is a living feeling. The feeling is there. That’s why it is called ‘our’ child. It is not my child or your child. It is ‘our’ child, our shared feeling now alive in a human body. Every time I would see that child I would always experience that ‘feeling’ which passed between us.”

 John had a great longing in his heart to tell Amy about his vision. He did not know at exactly what time he would tell her. He just decided to wait it out. Most likely, the time he could tell her would be when they often dined together in the kitchen in the early evening.

Amy was a young 24-year-old Korean woman from Seoul. She was of slender build with soft white skin. She had flowing long black hair, full lips, sparkling eyes, and at certain times, an eloquent smile. She was beautiful, bright, young and a pleasure for John and perhaps others to be around. She practiced tenderness. She had come to Victoria to learn English as a second language and was attending to those studies at the University of Victoria. She was renting a room in a house in Oak Bay. John also rented a room in that house.

Amy had a big dream. She loved to cook and she thus decided at a very early age that she should become a chef. She wanted to open a restaurant right here in Victoria, which specialized in Korean dishes. It would be of sometime before she could realize that dream. First, she must honor the wishes of her father who was supporting her living. The father implicitly stated that she acquire a Bachelor’s degree before pursuing any career or trade. After this, she would be free to enroll in a prestigious culinary school (she already knew which school would accept her) in the United States and return to Victoria to open shop.

A few days after John’s vision, he and Amy were in the kitchen eating breakfast together. Both of them were lightly chatting to each other about the weather. Sensing the change in both their moods, John inquired in a more serious tone, “Would you like to have a child Amy?”

“Yes, I think I should like that, but not in this period of my life,” responded Amy.

“And what about your boyfriend?” he said.

“I think my boyfriend just wants me. You would not believe how kind he is. When we are shopping in the mall, he is always coming up to me showing me some clothes he thinks I would like. He is very concerned about my welfare…’

As Amy continued her conversation, John took notice of the great joy in her eyes as she spoke of her boyfriend. He could see that he brought her a great deal of happiness. It was really quite a transformation of character as if she entered into a different dimension of being. She really appeared so glorious to him as she spoke of ‘him’.

In most times of John’s waking consciousness, he could not help but to regard Amy as a genuine princess. “She needs my help.” he said “ I feel as though she brings things out of me that I have not experienced for sometime.”

One evening in late November, Amy had a term paper to complete. She had asked John earlier in the week if he would proof read her work before she handed it in to her professor, and he agreed to help. At 10:00 o’clock that night, she met up with John in the living room who was watching a movie.

She said, “Can you help me with my paper?”

“Okay, I will!” he exclaimed.

The two of them went into the kitchen. They both sat next to each other and began reviewing the paper.

John said, “Amy, it looks as though you are going to have to narrow down the topic of your paper. There are too many ideas. They can’t all fit into a work of this size.”

Amy agreed. They both got seriously to the task at hand. Perhaps due to the lateness in the day, the two of them found it difficult to process, organize, and interpret the information for the paper. It turned out to be a very long night.

Each of them did have a skill, which complimented their work as a couple. Amy could type very quickly; she could type easily without even looking at the keys.

John said, “that skill is much the same as one who plays the piano.”

“I did play the piano when I was younger,” she said turning to him brightly with her shining eyes and pleasant smile. “I played for almost six years.”

Meanwhile, John would formulate the sentences in his head, then speak them aloud and Amy would type.

It was now getting past three o’clock in the morning. Amy said, “maybe we should stop, and I can finish the paper in the morning.” John looked to Amy with a sense of empowering her and said, “no, we are more than half way through, and I am not in the least bit tired. Let’s just keep going.”

Amy concurred, and three hours later, the two them had their eyes fixed on the completed work. Amy was most satisfied with the achievement. She gently placed her hand on John’s shoulder and said, “I know it is your birthday on Saturday, and I am going to buy you a cake of your choice, and this will be a cake all for yourself.”

John said, “let’s make it a chocolate cake. It really is the best.”

The two of them took a long moment to smile at each other before returning to their respective rooms for a few hours of sleep.

Nothing further developed between the two of them. In fact, at the end of November, Amy gave notice to vacate the premises, stating that in January, she would move in with her boyfriend who was coming to live in Victoria permanently.

John once again mused to himself on a grey Tuesday afternoon in early December, saying, “I did not make her happy. Or, as I might say, I did not make her happier than her boyfriend did. I tried very hard to be as loving as I could with her. I, even at one time said, we are like the flames of a candle, and it is very important that we tread lightly around the candle to keep the flames unwavering. And she agreed.”



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of John Wells.
Published on on 02/02/2008.


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