Martina Schmolke. Dr. med.

Unreasonable Demand

Unreasonable Demand
To all whom it may concern (PZ...EZ...XYZ...MS...QBH...HH...and all the other Yahoos...) 
Love is the answer
When I think about love....
Then I (dont ?) think about
bright moon

red wine
silent whispers

holding hands
secret love letters......

But I ( dont ? ) think of
pure sex
deep sex
hot sex
rough sex......

When I think about love....
Then I (dont ?) think about
candle lights
red roses

wedding bells
moonlight serenades

warm summer nights
flavours too......

But I (dont ?) think of
pure sex
deep sex
hot sex
rough sex......

And I think about love......
And I think about
bright moon                                                    candle lights                                        
twinklin stars                                                   red roses
              red wine                                                   wedding bells
              silent whispers                                         moonlight serenades
                                   holding hands                                        warm summer nights
                                   secret love letters                                  flavours too......
S o W a I b N e G I o N v G e A d T p L e  A  r  N s T o A n D O T K O M M doch


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Martina Schmolke. Dr. med..
Published on on 03/10/2008.


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