Rob Roy

War Cries

(Lil Thirsty)
The fears of being Native American are strong within my tribe.
The fears of pain and suffering
All we ever want is true peace and happiness
Like daggers throught the heart I cant breathe
Every evil white eyes has something up there sleeve
you offer me peace but you bring us war
the death toll whos keepin the score
as we rise upon our eneimes fear not
I'm droppin too many bombs thats hot
you people wanna cruicify me like a jew
Just because I'm a Native Sioux
So Screw You
-chorous x4-
Many Natives Die
Many People Fry
All Evil White Eyes Lye
This Is the sound of a War Cry
A War Cry(CRY)
-verse 2-
So now whatcha gonna do?
Single out and destroy us Sioux?
What if we destroyed you?
Then you will see the true pain too
turn my life around made a big deal
You be a Native American and see pain for real
Search for my true love in and out
Couldnt find nothin but death someone let me shout
Searched High and Low
Till I found the Road
That led me to my Lover its true
Go figure Happiness With A German and A Sioux
Sabine you are what I see
Happiness between you and me
Blind now can i see
The life of a real life G
They still wanna single me out and make me die
I got Sabine so you cant make me cry
In the blood is where you shall lie.
-final verse-
Grab the chains and send me to war
whos keepin the death toll score?
you want more?
Like Crazy Horse and Tecumseh I see a vision
Seein the Ancestors have all risen
We will take what is ours you cant make me quit
Tryin to drop me you can't do shit
Feel the souls and power of my guide
Spirits help me lead this ride
We marched into camp noone ran
Natives more invincible then Superman
Watch as our powers grow
stop you don't even know
Natives in prison for years white man in 6 months
Livin Ghetto in there fancy ass hunts.
feel me I don't fear
I know all my Native Ancestors are here
But until the white eyes dies
this is the sound of my war cries
(fade out)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rob Roy.
Published on on 03/23/2005.


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