Teena Nagy


A bunch of us were summoned upon to gather
at Costco. That was by far the strangest place for a reunion of old
friends. Cathy, the girl who always made the decisions for the group in
the past led us into the cereal section. Life wasn't put on hold for
the rest of the shoppers. They did their shopping as usual, strutting
around us, dragging their children by the arm, arguing with their
spouses about which produce to buy, pushing carriages full of food and
other household products. Costco has everything for everyone's needs;
groceries, appliances, clothing, electronics, etc. Of course, you need
to be a member to purchase anything, and none of us were a member. I
never understood why we were called to join at such a place.

We finally reached the cereal sector. People I haven't seen in seven
years were talking amongst each other, anxious to know why they were
there. Some people from GRADE school were also there, leaning up
against boxes, all with confused, shocked expressions on their faces,
much like the one I had plastered onto mine. A few of my current
friends were called to join us. I don't know how they had anything to
do with ANYONE in my past.

A huge box of Rice Krispies was sitting infront of me. It seemed as
though it had a faint glow around it. I walked up to it and it was a
box that had a mix of natural and chocolate grains. I had a sudden urge
to have a bowl of it, so I went looking for the produce section and
pulled a carton of milk out of the fridge and went looking for bowls
and spoons. I didn't care which bowl as long as it was deep and I went
to get a spoon. There I was, walking in Cosco with a carton of milk in
hand and a bowl and spoon to go with it. When I got back to the cereal
section, no one had said anything, as if the whole deal was completely
normal to them. I openned up the box of Rice Krispies and dug my bowl
straight into it, trying to only get the chocolate grains, but it kept
getting covered by the natural ones. In my frustration, I just left the
bowl in the box and gave up on having cereal. It was apparent that the
cereal was calling to me, wanting to be consumed by the likes of me,
but I just ignored it and leaned back up against the shelves and stood
there wanting to know what I was doing there.

Within a few moments, we all heard a cry. Amy, from grade school came
running down the section towards me, she collapsed in my arms, weeping
and her body was shaking uncontrolably; I held her. Mind you, we used
to hate each other back then. I patted her back and rubbed her arm to
comfort her, when I noticed something in her hand. It was a tape
recorder. She was clutching onto the damn thing for dear life, looking
up at me with sheer desperation in her eyes. I pried it out of her
hands and rewound it a bit. A girl's voice was coming from the
recording, confessing that she had been sleeping with Amy's boyfriend
for the passed four months. Apparently, Amy and that girl have been best friends since high school and Amy and her boyfriend have been together for two years and VERY engaged.

I looked down at Amy completely flabbergasted. It didn't really effect
me in any sort of emotional way, but I sincerely felt for the girl. No
one seemed to care about the drama that was going on around them. I
felt a presence over me. I looked up and this very tall,
thin, extremely good-looking, blonde-haired girl was hovering over us.
I discreetly slipped the recorder into my jacket pocket, and slowly
made my way back up, also helping Amy's feeble body up with me. "Yes?"
I said to the girl. She put out her hand, and said," Give it." I didn't
say anything I stood there and then RAN! I looked back and there she
was running after me. Was the recorder really worth that much of a

I was being chased along this parisian styled road;
cobble stone. On my right there were really tall buildings that
consisted of small shops: antique stores, vintage clothing stores,
record stores, barber shops and so on. On my left was the ocean. I
quickly looked back to see how far the girl was from me, not too far. A
few feet maybe. I had to get rid of the tape recorder, so i chucked it
into the ocean and just as it was about to land, I realized it was
completely frozen, so I jumped after it and the girl jumped after me.
As I landed on the ice, it started to melt. Trying not to break the ice
and slip into the water, I carefully made my way back on land. Since I
didn't know this blonde-haired girl's name, I nicknamed her Angie.

Of course, Angie wasn't too far behind. At some point she managed
to catch up with me and try to fight me for the recorder. I couldn't
give it up that easily, i needed to find out what was hidden on it.

There was a dead end, I had no choice but to turn back around and
keep running from Angie. She was being a little too persistent for my
likings. I ended up going into this bowling alley which immediately
transformed into an actual room with furniture. Angie caught up with
me, grabbed the tape recorder out of my hand, opened the slide to
where it holds the batteries and launched the batteries at me. I tried
to get it away from her, but she gripped the recorder as tightly as
possible. "Why do you need to know what's on here?" She asked me,
staring at me. I stared back, "I don't know...because I need to know,
okay!". Without hesitation, she handed the recorder back to me. I put
the batteries back in and pressed rewind. I listened to the tape, both
sides, and I found nothing that was said about me. All I heard were
mindless confessions, but not one single thing about me.

Why, Why did I go through all that trouble to hear what was recorded on there?

When I looked up Angie was gone. She climbed out the window and walked
away. I got up, excused myself from the two men who were standing by
the doorway; both were extremely confused and cautious, hoping that we
weren't breaking an entering and walked out of the bowling alley. I
just kept walking, completely unaware of my surroundings.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Teena Nagy.
Published on e-Stories.org on 05/06/2008.


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