Sonja Nic Rafferty

Wake me up in Scotland!

Others still have got a suitcase in Berlin*
 And I left an alarm clock in Scotland
 That definitely drives me up the wall
Because it rings where my torn heart is
 But I live on the other side of the ocean
 Yet I try to spot a positive point of view
 Dark blue it shines in the colour of Scotland
 Why I forgot the clock I do not know
 Also I have no clue where this happened
 Anywhere in a Highland Student Hotel
 Possibly in the Athens Of The North remains speculation
 There are many coincidences in life which actually are none
 Perhaps I wanted an alarm clock in Caledonia
 A connecting link that wakes me up before everything is too late
Often enough in the act of research missing the connection
 Am I a Scottish sprout and always should be on my guard
 Vigilantly I travelled all over my ancestors land
 Eyes and ears prepared to grasp everything like never before
 A Scottish-Indian student searched for traces too
 Travelled there from Canada and will study Gaelic
 I want to be 20 again and go along with that
 But even for autodidacts I know enough subjects
 Ill simply study life generally and over and above that
 Gratitude for eight days in Scotland I like to express
 Yet after the tour longing hurts following a tried and tested method
 I still have got an alarm clock in Scotland and hope
 That it always will stop me from a stupor
 Its alarm signal sending across the seas
 Idleness and laziless never assume power
For I want to stay to carry on with my research
That is taught at no university so its unknown
 I just call it MY-WHERE-DO-I-COME-FROM
 In case I find it out I will finally have an idea
 Where I can go in my second half of life
 * I still have got a suitcase in Berlin is a famous old German song.
 I wrote this poem first in my original language German.

Sonja Nic Rafferty March 29th, 2005





All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonja Nic Rafferty.
Published on on 03/30/2005.


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