Carolin Schwab

darkness around you

darkness is around you
it holds you tight
everything you feel is solitude and pain
fear comes over you
doesn't let you see the light
you fall deeper and deeper into dull darkness
your heart beats slowlier
you feel,you're getting one
with the darkness around you
you dissolve to become it
everything,you let it behind
sadness and solitude go through your body,the darkness
you can't make a clear thought
you forget everything that was
you feel your power leaves you
memories die
you're close to death
dissolved in darkness
surrendered to the pain
but power and determination are missing
for the last step into quite darkness
so you're still alive and wish to die
you dislike to leave
your friend,the darkness
the only one,which still keepes you alive is
disregard-if death or life-it doesn't matter
agony and blessing at the same time
the darkness around you


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Carolin Schwab.
Published on on 03/30/2005.


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