Meagan Hightower

Death and Sorrow

It was raining hard as a man wearing a pitch black cloak ran up the steps of a huge white house. Little did he know was that this would change his life. He held out his hand and drew it back to himself. He wasn't sure if his 'lady' friend was there, but some how the hands of Fate had turned against him. It started out as a bright and sunny summer morning; however around noon, the sky had blackened, and his space ship had broken down.
He had to fly three miles in the dark, stormy forest until he reached her maision. "Caitlynn; I wander if she wants to see me?" He thought, but he rememember their last fight:
"I don't ever want to see you again, RETENAITEGALE!" Caitlynn cried as she tossed a vase full of water and roses at him, which hit the door that he closed. She was one of the most beautiful faires he ever saw; her skin was pale as the moon, her hair was the color of red roses, and she had dainty purple wings.
"That maybe true for ye, but I never stopped thinking about ye. I tried to come, but my father has to have me go visit the Bloodlusters. I tried to write to ye, but whenever I did I couldn't think of the words to describe how I feel about ye!" Retenaitegale yelled from behide the door.
"I HATE YOU! You are a liar. I know what they say about you. You use women to get what you want, and in the end, you toss them aside, like how you tossed away the goddess Destiny." Caitlynn sobbed.
"The goddess Destiny is my daughter, Caitlynn. She died thousands of years ago. And no, I am not what ye think of I. I do not know where ye got that idea from, but do not think of it. Please do not of I as strange, but I am immortal. I have not the time or the place to explain, but if ye want, I shalt leave Faayerotzu forever." Retenaitegale's voice sounded monotone and dreary as he left her forever.
Little did Retenaitegale, the immortal Apparition prince from a faraway planet, know he would end up going to Caitlynn's house again, but he did not go in. The rain made sure of it, and so did his spaceship.
 "It is strange. The rain is breaking up. I wander why." He thought to himself.
  "It's you, old master Retenaitegale. I have terrible news. Lady Caitlynn commented suicide not to long after ya left. She said that she didn't want to live anymore. Isn't that horrid?" A maid from the house spotted him and opened the door. She looked very gloomy, and her voice sounded sad.
"So this is why it was raining earlier. I have to go. I'm sure she didn't want my respects, but I will send flowers from my family." His voice sounded sad, but it hardly fazed him, he was immortal after all, and she was mortal. Now he felt sorrow, since Caitlynn was indeed rare, not because of her looks, but when they first met each other, it was love at first glance.
                     "Why did it go so wrong between Caitlynn and I? We had love and passion. Who am I to think of such things? She was a miko and fairy princess. I am a warrior and a Dark Apparition prince. There was no way that this would work out for the long run. She has used her powers for the better of the people, and I was way to arrogant and selfish to see that they needed her more than I do. And I had work; I don't really blame her for hating me, I wasn't there at all for her. This wasn't supposed to be like this, Caitlynn. I should have been there for her, and I let her down. I think that she had a way of seeing things in others that I could not see inside myself." He thought to himself as he walked back to his spaceship.

Hi! I'm Meagan. I wrote the short story "Death and Sorrow", and the poem "Where did you go?". I'm a high school student, and I plan to publish my huge novel that I've been writing for ten years since I was only seven or six years old. I plan on going to college someday soon.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meagan Hightower.
Published on on 04/05/2005.


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