Anna Burstedde-Raptis



Your name is graved in his soul.

You move darksome clouds,

so, he won`t be encircled by rain.

In times immemorable,

a scenting secret was concealed

until epiphany seeps through his heart

your soul is devoted to eternity.

Striving for immortality

but worthless without him.

Her life resembles a heartbeat

that gives hope to meet him again.

He`s alone like you

trapped in a dream

where memories dwell

between time and space.


in this brave New World

where nobody lingers to himself.

Only his unborn eye sights the truth

but holds the mystery of you.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna Burstedde-Raptis.
Published on on 06/30/2008.


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