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By: Ken Blanco



                  The wall across the ceiling
was cold. It was everything on my head. There’s no one here not a slight sound
or a shadow can be seen. It was always like this every passing minute of each
day. The rooms were empty and the nights were vile. Then like a thief from the
night those blinding lights came…...










from a Harmony of my mother”

have no friends, no family. I live in distant land away from the shore of a
city. I learned to write from my mother who died a few ways back. I have a
sister too but she was miscarried….

learned to write before I can speak. I had only 1 eye so I can’t see much. My
mother believing I’m a mute taught me how to write yet she tells me a thing
which was somehow peculiar to me. But among of those things she said I turned a
blind eye on “I hope to hear your first words before it’s over” was the one
which stacked into my head. At that time I never knew what she meant. I always
hear a gloomy sound whenever I enter her room. She’s mourning I said yet I
don’t know to whom is it because that man on the picture died today.  I know one thing she made that sound when my
sister died too. She held it again across her neck and fled to the table. She
began to do a lewd movement like cutting the metal wire of that wooden rod
shaped box. It made that sound again but then at that instant. The cold earth
below her claimed her like what it did to my sister.

cried I don’t know why. The tears from my eye dried like what happened when my
sister died. I don’t know why but whenever I touch her cold body tears came up
again. I saw her tears falling to the ground racing with the blood from her
chest. I always feel like dying but whenever I would the pain in my other eye
starts again




smiling just a moment ago” I told myself. Is this the punishment befitting for me to having killed my own sister I
said not. For me who killed someone I should die.






Sister’s Secret”


sister was named Karen. She lives in my mother’s stomach. That’s why my mother
is always sick and can’t play with me anymore. Always, all the time she sits in a couch watching television or eating
vegetables while blissfully touching my sister. She has the best days of her
life. As a kid others always bully me they said that my mom loves I so much and
I don’t deserve her. Mom is always at my side when troubled times seek for me.
However today she’s not; she can’t come to school today because of Karen. I
grew anxious about it. The person next to me almost wrung my neck. The teacher
says go away. The Guard put his gun against my head. At these desperate times
she always come but.

is she not here, Where is she??” My heart beats faster and faster as I take
another step closer to my sister. I told myself “If you were not here then it’s
ok so you should never be here”. After that I remembered no more of what
happened next.

          She’s not smiling like she used too anymore. She always says that she’s
weak to having miscarried her angel. It was thought that the death of my sister
was due to a cord strungulating her. Although I didn’t know what I happened
next. I’m still having these strange feeling like I did something wrong. Whenever
I see her cry I feel like I want to do something for her yet the worst part is
I just don’t know what to do.





I……I……..Why…?” Did I  have done something
to hurt her or is she just in pain like me whenever my eyes cry”.




























All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ken Blanco.
Published on on 07/05/2008.


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