Nadège Ango-Obiang

What is what to live…?

Traversing peaceful steps skies
Lord, I do not want to reappear
To test the violence of the love
To give up the sanctuary of my heart
To relearn to die

Centuries in millenium, the life lost
Suspendu with the desire and laws of fate
I fear the tyranny of the flesh
Lord, a lapse of memory in chaos
That the hearts and knowledge delivered

To bleed of my body, to suffer in my heart
These tests always victorious
What is this to live, if not learn how to die
To be… without being certain.

From long days, dark nights
The tormented heart, the moist spirit
The heart delivered to languors of the defect
Lord, I do not want to subject to the
Ignorer flesh the invaluable songs
To request… so that another likes me…

Air in the world of the Saints
Will I fall against these walls from illusion?
What is this to live, if not inherit worst?
Lord, in a burning partition
I would bless the reclusion and would curse my body

What is this to live… if not like the worst.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nadège Ango-Obiang.
Published on on 07/06/2008.


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